What is local
SEO all about?

  • Business citations: Get listed in online directories.
  • GMB setup: Google My Business. You need it.
  • NAP implementation: Correct listing of name, address, and phone number.
  • Content creation: Optimized local content.
  • Filtering reviews: Out with the bad, in with the good.
  • Link building: Get links to your site.
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More about
Local SEO

Local SEO is like regular SEO, but with a different set of factors. Without totally boring you, SEO is great for local businesses. Perhaps you aren’t looking to compete with the entire internet for a given keyword. Instead, you can increase your visibility in your particular area. 

Business citations

When your business is mentioned on other websites, it tells the search engines that your business is worth talking about. You probably thought high school was over, but to search engines, popularity still matters.

NAP implementation:

Name, address, and phone number. It sounds simple, but there’s a specific way to implement NAP that is SEO-friendly. Search engines seek consistency and accuracy when deciding which sites to push. Through the auditing process, we will make sure that yours is up to par.

Filtering reviews

With local businesses, online reviews are so important. A few bad reviews can tank a local business. You can use SEO to help drown bad press in the good press, so that your potential customers are only shown what is great about your business.

GMB setup

It’s how you are listed or your Google identity. Think of it like a short bio with all of your company’s most important information (like operating hours, address, etc.). If this listing is created and worded very carefully, it can also be a valuable SEO tool. That’s where we come in.

Content creation

Similar to organic search, ranking in local search requires you to feed the beast. Search engines want content. Going after local keywords is going to change the way in which yours is created and presented on your website. We can help with that.

Link building

Getting other reputable sites to link to yours is crucial. Between local listings, local press releases, and local list reviews, we can help you build your presence within your community.

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